Children and Worship

Infants Through 4 Years


We provide child care in the Nursery Wing of the church during Worship Services.


Ages 4 and Older

kids45cWhen a Child reaches the age of 4, it is appropriate that they start to be included in the worship service with the rest of the family.

To help with this transition, Worship bags are provided at the back of the Sanctuary for younger children and older children (readers). The worship bags include paper, pencils, crayons and sometimes a special treat like a sticker. There are also special worship aids for children which list the three words that the pastor is asking the children to listen for in the sermon.

Children’s Moment and Worship Experience


During the 11am Worship Service, children of all ages are invited to join the pastor for the Children’s Moment. We are focusing on the elements (parts) of worship. In order to make this more effective, we will be moving the “Children’s Moment” so that it happens immediately before the part of the worship we are learning about. We hope that by engaging in talking about the element and then participating in it our children will have a greater understanding of worship.

We understand that children get restless when sitting too long without engaging in what is happening. We encourage parents to help their children participate in worship, by standing with the congregation, following along when scripture is read and by singing the hymns. Young readers will be able to follow better if an adult points to the words especially on hymns. It’s also a great way in increase vocabulary.

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