Along the Road with Jesus – August 2, 2017

Our Bible story today was from Luke 9:10-17 – The Big Picnic.  We were told the story about Jesus feeding 5,000 people with just two loaves and five fish.

Our special guests today were Kevin and Melinda McGrath and their young son.  They own a bakehouse in Mechanicsburg and make artisan breads from organic grains.  They showed us different grains, talked about how they are milled into flour, and explained the bread making process.

We talked about our favorite breads and how people all over the world eat bread.  We learned about the bread we eat during communion which helps us remember Jesus.  We had a chance to take some bread dough and form it into whatever shape we wanted.  The dough was allowed to rise and then it was baked.  (It smelled delicious.)  We will have our bread tomorrow for a snack.  We made butter from heavy cream. 

We also spent some time at the Village Playground, the Psalmist Studio, and the Bakery where we had our snacks.


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