MPC History

Plaque from the Market Street ChurchCornerstone from the Market Street Church which is now located in the vestibule off the Shepardstown entrance to the church.

On April 10, 1858, a  group of like-minded Presbyterians of the Mechanicsburg area gathered together to form a Presbyterian Church in the town of Mechanicsburg because it was difficult for them to travel to their church, Silver Spring Presbyterian Church.  Most of the charter members were former members of the Silver Spring Presbyterian Church.  The charter of the new church was filed on August 27, 1858, and recorded on December 10, 1858.  A church was erected on South Market Street that same year.

1858 ledgerCareful records of income and building expenses were kept in the ledger.   These pages are from 1858.

During the next 21 years the membership grew from the original 50 charter members to 300.  Growth continued to be steady, and May 1945, a letter went out to members in an effort to raise $20,000 for the remodeling and enlarging of the church.  Times and thoughts changed so the congregation decide to purchase a corn field at the edge of town.  The present church building was dedicated to the service of the Lord on June 24, 1956.

Continued growth necessitated the addition of a Christian Education wing.  This was dedicated on September 15, 1963.  Membership had now reached over the 1,000 mark and the church was continually expanding its service to the community.  During this time, in addition to the Senior Pastor, the church had several Assistant pastors and installed their first Associate pastor in 1972.

The Beadle and his body guardIn October 2008 we celebrated our 150th anniversary.  As we celebrated Presbyterian customs and procedures of an 1858 worship service, some members dressed in period clothing. During our celebrations we re-enacted the special lay office within Kirk-session known as “The Beadle”.  His chief duty was to guard and protect the Bible.  Because Bibles were rare, “The Beadle” was often accompanied by a body guard.

In the 1990’s the church facilities were renovated with a one million-dollar building and improvement program; and expanded with the purchase of the parish House/Youth Center, which is located at 303 East Keller Street.

Since the turn of the century, the Church has added an Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults, purchased a manse on Sheperdstown Road, and the house at 300 East Keller Street which is used as a rental.

Today we are a congregation of 605 active members guided by a Senior Pastor/Head of Staff,  an Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults, and 21 ruling elders.

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