What do Presbyterians believe?
The Presbyterian Church (USA) is a church of great diversity unified by our beliefs and traditions.  We are guided by the Bible and our Book of Confessions.  We believe …find out on the PC(USA) website.

What is your worship service like?

  • We follow a traditional, liturgical order of service.  We use a variety of musical styles and sermons to create a joyous atmosphere.
  • Children are welcome.  
  • Devices are available for hearing impaired.  Ask an usher for a device.

Tell me about Communion

  • Any person who has been baptized is welcome to participate in the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.  You don’t have to be Presbyterian or a member of any church.
  • During the sharing of the Bread and the Cup, ordained individuals distribute the elements to the seated congregation.
  • Recognizing that we are One Body of Christ, we hold the bread until all have received and then partake together.
  • Because we come to God individually, we partake of the cup as we receive it.

Can children take Communion?
Yes, baptized children who are nurtured to the meaning of the Sacrament of communion are welcome in the Sharing of the Bread and Cup.

What should I wear?
Wear what is comfortable for you.  There is no dress code – some people dress up, some come in casual clothes, some wear jeans. 

What about taking pictures during the worship service?

  • No flash pictures are allowed during our worship services.
  • Wedding and Baptisms are considered to be worship services with the same standards of reverence and order observed.
  • Photographs may be staged following a service.
  • If you have questions regarding videotaping or photography, contact a pastor.

I have children, what activities do you have available for them?
We provide programs for children and youth to help them enjoy their MPC experience.  For more information go to the following pages: Children and Worship, Choir, Sunday School, PYC.   A Safe Church policy and screening of volunteers insure the well being of our children.

Do you have visitor parking?
Visitor parkingVisitor parking is located to the left as you enter the parking lot from Shepardstown Road.  Look for the “visitor parking” signs.

What door should I enter for worship?
Portico entranceFrom the Visitors’ parking look straight ahead to the portico.  You will see a sign on the wall.  The door under the portico offers a level entrance to the sanctuary.

Shepardstown Road EntranceYou could enter the sanctuary from the Shepardstown Road doors.  Go up the steps and through the double doors under the spire.  You will be in the vestibule.  Any of the doors directly in front of you open into the sanctuary.

nursery entranceAccess the nursery through these double doors.

Our handicapped accessible entrance is located under the “Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church” lettering at the parking lot entrance to the Breezeway as shown below.  The button to open the door is on the left.

What door should I enter during the week?
Parking lot entranceEnter the right-hand door located under the “Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church” lettering at the parking lot entrance to the Breezeway.  There are signs in the Breezeway to the office and other locations.

How do I become a member?
If you have visited Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church and feel at home here, we encourage you to become a member.  Some of our members are new believers and some are life-long Presbyterians.  Many come from other protestant denominations and from other faiths.  All are brought together in Christ through fellowship, study, and service.

Membership at MPC begins with attending the “Inquirers’ Classes”.  The purpose of these classes is to help people deepen their understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and how following Jesus is expressed through membership in the Presbyterian Church.

Speak with one of the pastors or call the office (697-0351).

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