About Us

Our Mission Statement

Sketch by Larry Sharer

The Mission of the Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church is to glorify and serve God as a community of believers, and to bring people into the transforming presence and power of Jesus Christ through:

  • Worship: Worship expresses our love for God through praise, prayer, and proclamation.
  • Christian Education:  Christian Education invites us to risk opening our minds to transforming possibilities.
  • Christian Nurture:  Christian nurture puts a human face on God’s love.
  • Mission Calling:  Our ministry to others sets our feet in Christ’s footprints.
  • Welcoming The Stranger:  Welcoming the stranger brings everyone into a relationship with God, not just into our building.

In order to be faithful to this Mission, we will be: 

  • A welcoming, diverse and hospitable community of faith,
  • Committed to open communication within the community of faith, and
  • Willing to risk our time, talent and financial resources training in God’s faithfulness.


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