Along the Road with Jesus – August 4, 2017

Today we heard the story of two disciples who were were joined by Jesus while they were walking on the road to Emmaus.  They didn’t know who he was until he blessed and broke the bread, and gave it to them.  You can read the full account in Luke 24: 13-35.

Our guest craftsperson was Julie Rhen, who is a Master Gardner.   We got to see, touch, and taste herbs and spices that were probably used in Bible times.  We were given a container of spices and herbs to take home. 

Instead of a craft today we visited a garden of living statures.  When we asked the statues, “Have you seen Jesus?”, they told us who they were and how they knew Jesus.  Among the statues were; a friend of Levi the tax collector, Zacchaeus, the rich young ruler, the Centurion, the widow with a son, the blind beggar, Jarius and the sick woman, a shepherd who witnessed the angels at the time of Jesus’ birth, and a fisherman who witnessed Jesus calming the stormy sea.

In our “free” time we decorated bags for the cookies that will be given to the Truck Stop Ministry at Christmas.

We also had fun at the Village playground, had snacks from the Village Bakery, and the Psalmist taught us the last verse of our theme song for the week.

Yesterday the children and the weaver wove a piece of cloth which is being used as a parament under the Bible in our sanctuary.


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